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2016 OVOC - Submissions Needed!

Hello everyone!

Just wanted to let you all know that the 2016 OVOC will be held at the usual spot ( on February 13/14, 2016!

We're hurting a bit for submissions this year.  But there's a week left to make something for the event if you'd like to!!  Feel free to message me here or visit the OFF for guidelines and details.

Even if you don't submit something, though, you're more than welcome to come by the event and spend some time with us.  As always we'll have new art, vids, and fics for you to enjoy as well as EPIC!GIF!WAR 2016!

At this point I usually give you all a teaser of the new header for this year . . . but I haven't finished it yet!  Lol.  Sorry.

Take care everyone!  Hope to see you all that weekend! :D
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