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Obi-Wan & Padmé
Here you'll get your daily dose Obidala
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Hello Obidala fans!

There's been a lot of hype built up for this event and now it's ON!

Day 1 of the Celebration is open.  Day 2 will be unlocked Saturday at midnight, Pacific (7:00 am GMT).

We have a wonderful selection of brand new fics, art, and vids for you to enjoy.  As well as discussion questions and even a Skype chat (if you're into that kind of thing).  So if you haven't already, please come by and help us celebrate this milestone!


To 10 great years! *cheers*

~ NoobianRose
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Hedow Obidala Fans!

We are less than one month away from the Obidala Fan Forum's 10th Anniversary Celebration!!

Submissions in all categories (art, vids, and fics) are due to their respective mods by *Thursday June 25th, 2015*!! That's just over three weeks away.

We're quite low (really really low) in submissions this time 'round so if any of you could find the time to make something for the community, I'm sure everyone would love it! :)

You can find more info and ask any questions you have in the prep-board, here:


Love and best wishes to everyone! See you all at the end of June!  And my humblest appologies to those people who've gotten this message like five times already. :P

~ NoobianRose
25 Apr 15 - Revamp
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I have just revamped the community. Because not only the Obidala FanForum is celebrating it's 10th anniversary but the obiwan_padme community as well! So I want to thank each and everyone for all the amazing contributions over the years! You guys rock! ♥
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I can hardly believe it.  But as the banner suggests, the Obidala Fan Forum is celebrating its 10th Annversary(!) this June.  So the forum is throwing a party! :)

Mods are accepting vid, fic, and art submissions now and will be doing so until the week before the event.  You can register at the forum for more details or message me here.  [Please note: Forum membership is not required to attend or submit.]

In addition we're also asking people to PM the mods with a few of your favorite art, vids, and fics that have been posted on the forum (or the OVOC) over the last 10 years.  Tell us also why they're a favorite.  We're hoping to do a little "best of" tribute at the celebration.

This is a big one, guys.  Please come if you can.  We're excited to see you! :)

- NoobianRose
17 Apr 15 - New Art
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Today I felt creative. And I mean c r e a t i v e like I haven't felt for a long, long time.

A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was this beautiful relationship that I loved from the bottom of my heart. Some of you might already know who I'm talking about, aren't you? Right, it's Obi-Wan/Padmé. Although they have never been a couple on screen I loved reading and writing fanfics and doings lots and lots of arts/wallpapers featuring Obidala as a couple. And today I have my 40. blend just for you. It's spring time. And spring is time for love, right? So, here we go.

Check out my gallery @ http://artphilia.de for full size
Obi-Wan & Padmé: Varykino
Title: ‘Tis the Season: a moment of attention.
Author: morethanacandle
Character(s): Obi-Wan & Padmé
Rating: M
Warnings: No spoilers.
Summary: A quiet moment for him.
Author's notes: ‘Tis the Season is an annual series of stories that are for December and celebrate the holiday period.
Padmé - Naboo Nightgown & Robe
Title: ‘Tis the Season: A meeting of two lovers
Author: morethanacandle
Rating: M
Warnings: Mature audiences recommended due to visual imagery; maybe not work safe.
Summary: It's been a while.
Author's notes: ‘Tis the Season is an annual series of stories that are for December and celebrate the holiday period.
Padmé - Naboo Nightgown & Robe
Title: ‘Tis the Season: Easy, yet not
Author: morethanacandle
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Summary: Padmé makes a decision.
Author's notes: ‘Tis the Season is an annual series of stories that are for December and celebrate the holiday period.
23 Dec 13 - Merry Christmas
Stock: Writing

Merry Christmas,
across the miles although we're apart,
thinking of you at this time of the year,
and sending you love-filled wishes from the heart. ♥
missed something
Title: never meant to start a war
Author: jedibuttercup
Fandom era: Prequel trilogy; ROTS
Rating: PG-13; het; pre-OT3
Words: 2000
Disclaimer: The words are mine, the world is not.
Notes: For pronker. Padmé/Obi-Wan, background Padmé/Anakin, and pre-OT3. (I hope this is acceptable to post here; the anakinsandwich comm seems to be dead.)

Summary: There aren't as many of us now as there were when Milady was Queen of Naboo, but our job remains much the same as it has since she first took public office: we handmaidens guard her body, aid her in her work, and keep her secrets for her. Even when those secrets make the rest of our jobs harder.

Link to: never meant to start a war (or on AO3)
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